This Photographer Is Giving Her All To Save Shelter Dogs

Another reason Berns chose not to anesthetize his canine participants is because he says wanted to treat the dogs like people. All the dogs in the study have consent forms signed by their owners, and only positive training methods are used to prepare the animals for the MRI. Berns’ own dog, Callie, was the first dog to have her brain scanned. With the help of a dog trainer, Berns taught Callie to enter an MRI simulator he’d built in his home. Callie learned to enter the tube, place her head in a chin rest and sit still while wearing earmuffs to protect her ears from the machine’s noise. After a few months of training, Callie was ready for her first MRI, and Berns and his colleagues got their first maps of canine brain activity. Other owners soon volunteered their dogs for research, and Berns has now scanned more than a dozen of their brains. The more data he gathers, the more he’s convinced that dogs aren’t that different from us. The canine brain maps showed Berns that dogs use a region of the brain known as the caudate nucleus in a similar way to humans. The caudate has a large number of dopamine receptors that increase in both dogs and humans in response to an anticipated moment. For example, the dogs’ caduate activity increased when they smelled a familiar human or dog or when their owners reappeared after leaving the room. These findings dont necessarily mean that our dogs love us, but because many of the same things activate both the human caudate and the dog caudate, neuroscientists say this could be an indication of canine emotions. “The ability to experience positive emotions, like love and attachment, would mean that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child,” Berns writes in the New York Times . “And this ability suggests a rethinking of how we treat dogs.” Because dogs and other animals seem to have emotions similar our own, Berns suggests that we assign a “limited personhood” to animals that shows evidence of emotion. He says we could also take it a step further and give dogs “rights of personhood,” which would provide them with protection against exploitation.

Dogs have capacity for emotion, study finds

See More Here. Gabbriel. “Landfill Dogs” series by Shannon Johnstone. See More Here. Lovie. “Landfill Dogs” series by Shannon Johnstone. See More Here. Lexi. “Landfill Dogs” series by Shannon Johnstone.

The Dogs Trust charity invited photographer Rankin to turn his lens on some very special pooches, all rehomed by the trust

He lies with me when I do my 15 minutes of physiotherapy each morning, and looking at his handsome, soppy face cheers me up if Im feeling frustrated. Although hes soft, gentle and loving, he can be a bit dim and we call him Donk. Hes always making me laugh, like yesterday when he jumped on the garden table because he was showing off, or when I gave him my red football which he took great delight in shredding. If we shout Heron, Hugo! he runs towards our pond to scare off the birds, but hes getting middle-age spread so he never catches them. Hes like a best friend and brother to me. Hugo has always had joint problems in his legs, so Im careful not to hug him too hard as I dont want to hurt him.

How Do Dogs Learn Words? Just Like Kids (Op-Ed)

A dog learning a thousand words is nothing to sniff at. But what is truly remarkable about Chaser, the border collie who has taken the world by storm, is how she learns words. Chaser makes inferences in a similar way to human children. When Chaser played the game that tested the same ability in the citizen science project Dognition , not surprisingly, she was off the charts. (Can your dog make inferences like Chaser? See the game. ) Besides dogs, dolphins, apes and parrots can also learn an impressive number of words. What is special about children is that if you show a child a red block and a green block, then ask for “the chromium block, not the red block,” most children will give you the green block, despite not knowing that the word ‘chromium’ can refer to a shade of green. The child inferred the name of the object.


Pets At Home Joins Ipo Rush

According to VPI, the first and largest pet insurance company in the United States, those mostly likely to get insurance for their animals are single people. A VPI survey also showed that people with pet insurance are likely to be between the ages of 18 and 44. Bob Vetere, president and CEO of American Pet Products Association, said his research agrees that pet insurance policy holders are likely to be single people, but he believes they are generally older folks, baby boomers. They both agree it shows how pets have become more central to families’ dynamics. “It shows you people are really bonding with their pets,” VPI spokesman Adam Fell said. “Dogs have gone from the backyard to the porch and, now, they’re sleeping with their parents.” Vetere says, “In a lot of cases, it is people who have turned to their pets as family members, whether their kids have moved out of the house or the kids are grown up or they didn’t have kids in the first place.” Miller adopted Stella seven years ago, and it was his own medical crisis that made him consider getting insurance for the dog. “They’re outside being maniacs during the day. Who knows what can happen when they’re out there?” – Justin Miller In 2008, he was changing Stella’s water bowl when a copperhead snake lurking beneath it lurched up and bit his hand. He knew the snake was poisonous, but had no idea the bite would land him in the hospital for five days followed by six weeks of rehab just to use the hand again. The bill was more than $60,000. “At the time, I had really good health insurance,” he said, adding that he only had to pay about $3,000 out of pocket. “If I had to have to come up with $60,000, I don’t know what I would have done.” Not long after that, he started researching pet insurance for Stella. One day she wouldn’t put any weight on her leg after playing outside. A vet immediately said that she’d torn her ACL and needed surgery and rehab.

KKR bought Pets at Home for 955m four years ago. Since then, Pets at Home’s sales have surged. The company is already the biggest pet shop chain in the UK but will this year become the biggest operator of veterinary practices as it opens instore locations and standalone entities. Related Articles 10 Nov 2013 Pets At Home has around 350 stores and more than 200 vet practices, with 125 in store. In the year to March 28, Pets At Home saw likeforlike sales increase 2.2pc and total sales 9.9pc to 598.3m. This meant that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation rose 9.8pc to 100.8m. The growth of Pets At Home allowed KKR to take a 135m dividend out of the business. The pets retailer is loss-making at a pre-tax level because of interest payments on its debt.

Pets at Home joins IPO rush

The Second Chance for Animals nonprofit volunteer group and the Franklin Township Animal Shelter will reimburse the a portion of the costs of adoption for any new pet adopted by a military veteran, current military personnel, or their families through Saturday. In honor of the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, any veteran who adopts a cat, dog, or other pet from the shelter will receive a reimbursement check to cover up to $60 for adoption costs. The Franklin Township Animal Shelter, in the Municipal Complex at 475 DeMott Lane in the Somerset section of Franklin Township, is open from noon to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Military identification will be needed. All of the shelter’s dogs and cats are healthy, already spayed or neutered, up to date on their shots and waiting for their forever home. Check out photos of Nicky, Skippy, Ogden, Nene or Monet, and their many friends in the gallery above, or at the shelters website .


‘houdini’ Dog Escapes Humane Society To Go For A Stroll (video)

Chimp Art In art, there’s primitivism and there’s primate-vism.
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Marathon-crashing Dog Gets Medal In Indiana

Boogie Butts

5, 2013, in a video screengrab / WEVV-TV A 100-pound chocolate Labrador, Boogie gained local notoriety Saturday after running 13 of the 13.1 animals mile half-marathon while on the lam from his owners.
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